Pure Character

A bold new step in vodka, UK5 is the world's only entirely unfiltered organic vodka. While it is a testament to the purity of the ingredients and the quality of the distillation that UK5 can be bottled without filtration, what unfiltered vodka is really about is character. UK5 is crafted from the finest organic rye, and you can taste it.


UK5 Vodka is USDA Certified Organic, meaning it is made exclusively from grain grown to the highest standard of purity, with no genetic modification, chemical pesticides, or sewage sludge fertilizers. This supports sustainable agriculture, and it means the vodka is made from the purest ingredients available.


Filtration is usually the last step in vodka distillation, but for a vodka as exceptionally pure as UK5, it is an entirely unnecessary step. Instead of trying to strip every last bit of grain character from the vodka, UK5 lets the flavor of the rye shine through. The result is an entirely unique taste, smooth but distinctly grainy, not unlike the contrast between a fine rye whiskey and a bourbon. UK5 is perfect for cocktails, infusions, or simply satisfying a connoisseur's taste for a unique rye vodka.

For some ideas on how to mix and infuse this unique vodka, check out the cocktail recipes featuring UK5 on PouredPure.com.

Award Winning

UK5 has won seven medals for excellence at international spirits competitions in recent years and has garnered praise from critics all over the world, including the unique honor of a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

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